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Do you want more students? More profit? More time off from your studio? Less administration hassles? Do you want to own your building instead of renting?
Learn powerful business secrets from studio millionaire Sam Beckford at his waterfront coaching center.

As of November 1, 2021 I have retired from workshops and coaching to focus on Online Registration Software.

Most music studios do not do online registration because they can’t. They rely on request info forms, email, phone calls and voicemail. Some studios get a bit more creative and ask people to enter some lesson preferences on a website or google form and then follow up with some matching options.  It’s ok, but not great because of time lag. Time is the enemy of the seller. A lot of those inquiries just lose momentum and don't register with all the friction of email and voicemail tag.

In early 2018 I got fed up with being stuck booking music lessons in that very manual, low tech way. I figured if you can book your own flights and even buy cars online, surely there must be a solution for booking private music lessons. I couldn’t find one so I decided to make one. 

After a huge amount of development and investment we launched StudioAutoPilot. On July 3, 2019 during a week we were closed, we registered our first private piano lesson student with zero admin involvement. The system charged the reg fee, set up the monthly recurring payments, notified the teacher and adjusted the teacher pay. Then the family used their account and registered their 2 other kids. I felt like Doc Emmet Brown in Back to the Future, dancing around when he realized that his time machine actually worked. That first online registration family still takes lessons today.

Since that day we have registered over 1300 private music lesson students with zero admin involvement. Our system even automatically sets up a video room connection on our secure private system if they are an online lesson student. We have never needed to use Zoom or other public video systems during the whole pandemic video lesson chaotic rush.

In August 2021 we started letting  other studios across the country run on StudioAutoPilot.  The StudioAutoPilot family DIY revolution now has thousands of parents doing tasks that would normally need to be done by a paid admin.  Operating this way has been a quantum leap forward. It is a much greater liberation than anything we previously did at our studios or shared through the Superconference. In fact we don't even have an operations manual any more. StudioAutoPilot has been a superior automatic system that has replaced all of our other manual systems.

You can find extensive information at

I am so committed to StudioAutoPilot that I have retired from the Superconference and Mastermind program to focus all my resources on  what I believe will shape the future of the music studio industry.

If you are looking for studio business coaching I recommend Marty Fort. Over the years I have watched Marty and his coaching of his MASS members. He's a good coach and a sharp business owner. If you are looking for a group to plug into or a coach to learn from and push your growth ahead, he is my top recommendation. You can find out about his program at

I look forward to connecting with you through StudioAutoPilot, and showing you how it is the solution that changes everything.

Committed to your automatic success

Sam Beckford



My name is Sam Beckford. I’m 49 years old. My wife Valerie and I own 3 studios in the Vancouver area that we started from nothing in 1995 and built to 3,644 students. Today neither of us teach anymore and we manage our studio mainly from our home office. Val & I have university business degrees as well as an arts background. We achieved our studio results by developing and using a combination of powerful business systems that we use to operate our studio with. Our systems are specific business methods of doing tasks like marketing, collections, hiring and retaining our students. We also use some low-cost, user-friendly web based computer elements to automate our studio and make it less labor intensive. In 1999 instead of franchising our studio we started sharing our ideas with other studio owners. Over 1900 studio owners have taken our training. Since 2003 we have compiled over 6000 pages of case studies showing that our advice has helped studio owners increase profit, work less and own their own real estate.


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Listen to our "4 Secrets To Making A 6 Figure Income From Your Dance Studio And Still Having a Life".
You can also read this report by clicking here.

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 What will you discover in 2 days this summer that can make a huge difference to you and your studio?

163 studio building strategies that cover topics like these:

 1. More Profit - Lots More

I will show you the strategies that have helped studio owners increase their profits by an extra $30,000-$70,000 per year. If you are worried about the economy or worried about your future security and retirements you don’t want to miss these strategies.

 2. More Time Off

Time wealth is one of the big gest benefits you can get for your studio. Having your business run profitably without you being there is not an elusive fantasy. In the last few years we have been on 9 non-business related vacations while our studios have been open. Our system works so we don’t have to. We have been to Hawaii twice, went to Niagara Falls, rented beach houses and took my wife’s parents on a trip of a lifetime back to the “old country” in Holland.

We didn’t check emails, call back to the studio or text message at all while we were on those trips. I’ll show you how we set up our systems so our studio runs well whether we are there or not. Val and I get very few calls from the studio when we are not there. Our system works so we don’t have to. If you are working too much right now, even if you are successful you are literally wasting your life energy needlessly. This summer I will share our systems and philosophy that can literally give you your life back. Money is useful, but “time wealth” – being able to do what you want, when you want, is the ultimate goal to strive for from your studio.

Cruise Hawaii Holland

 3. Supercharged Predictable Marketing Strategies

We will discuss 14 ways to get new students and talk extensively about how to get students for free from the internet. Last year we got 294 students from the internet or free without spending any money one pay per click advertising. This is the golden age of marketing if you know where to find the gold. If you aren’t registering a lot of students from the internet or you don’t show up on the first page at the top of Google for free you are missing a huge opportunity. A few years ago I hired an internet expert that charges $20,000 per year to help us get maximum return from our website. I will pass on critical information I learned that you can give to whoever programs your studio website to get more students for zero additional cost. You don’t need to know how to program computers or be even remotely “techie”. Within a few weeks, sometimes even a few days you will see results. At a recent seminar one of the attendees went up to her room on the first evening of the seminar on Friday night, did some of the suggestions to her website and got to the top of Google by the next day. That was an exceptionally fast example, and I can’t promise those results to everyone but the bottom line is our Google and internet ideas produce results.

 4. Completely Automating Your Collections

If you don’t already collect tuition automatically you are wasting hours of time each week, losing money and living with a higher drop rate than you should have. I’ll show you exactly how to convert student from paying monthly to automatic collections. I’ll show you the system that over 400 studio owners who have attended our events are using and how we get 100% of our student base to pay automatically. .At the seminar you will also get 3 proven letters that you can use with your students to switch them to automatic tuition payment.

 5. What To Do When Competition Comes To Town

If you have had a surge of competition in the last few years you are not alone. I’ll tell you how to survive and come out on top in the new competitive world of the studio industry.

 6. Discussions With Other Motivated Studio Owners

You will get a chance to talk with other serious studio owners about business. We are the biggest all business seminar in the studio industry. Several of my clients who earn personal take home incomes of more than $100,000 per year from their studios will be re-attending to learn more ideas and network. At the Studio Superconference we don’t discuss teaching ideas at all, we are strictly business. This is the place to find new business ideas.

 7. The Inside Story On Combining Dance and Music Programs

I’ll show you how we combine our two programs and you will get a chance to talk to other studio owners who teach music or dance. I have personally helped over 180 studio owners add dance to music or music to dance in the last 12 years. You may not be interested in adding an additional program right now but if an opportunity arises in the future this may be the ticket to increasing your profits by an extra $50,000 per year.

 8. Customized Web Based Studio Scheduling and Management Software

I’ll show you the software we use and you can talk to other studio owners that are using technology to simplify registration and management.

 9. How handing out one piece of paper in November decreased our December and January music student drops by 24% from the previous year.

In the summer of 2014 I met with 21 studio owners here at my waterfront coaching center in my backyard. As a group we designed a “secret weapon” of retention. It is simple to use and understand but it works. You will not find this concept or strategy anywhere else. This original concept was given to me by a marketing expert that I paid $30,000 to come and speak and work with my clients 3 times in 2014. Since 2004 I have spent over $500,000 on business experts and guest speakers for my events, more than anyone else in the studio industry. I pay for the best education for myself and my clients, cheap teachers are too expensive in the long run.

I took this concept with my top studio clients, several who make over $100,000 per year from their studios, and we brainstormed and designed this. This one concept alone is in my opinion worth the entire price of Superconference. Students that stay in lessons instead of dropping are worth hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in future revenue to your studio. My teachers love it and our studio parents love it.

This summer I will explain how to use this at your studio to keep more students and make more profit.


Optional Full Day Real Estate Workshop

The 2 day Superconference is completely focused on marketing, operations and getting freedom or what I call "time wealth" from your studio. If you want learn how to buy or build your own building you can stay for an intensive additional full day workshop about studio real estate. Buying a property may seem simple. You hire a realtor, look at a few properties, get financing and move in. It may seem like just a few steps, but those are crucial decisions that can affect your business and net worth forever. Choosing the right property, thinking strategically about how to position it for business growth, the type of building, the improvements, the options, the size and the future potential are all important details that should not be taken lightly. Choosing one property over another just because it seems a little easier to buy or cheaper can cost you over a million dollars of potential appreciation in some situations. If you look at these case studies the decision to sell and upgrade our property 1 to property 2, resulted in a 2.3 million dollar increase instead of a $500,000 increase over a 10 year period. I will share the experience I have gained from helping hundreds of business owners think strategically and creatively about what to purchase or build.

White Rock School of music and Dance Location 1White Rock School of Music and Dance Location 2

Our first property (#1) - a retail/showroom condo unit we bought 1999. Not too glamourous but it got us started. We sold that condo unit in 2004 and purchased property #2, an 8000 square foot builidng with other tenants and a large lot.

We bought property #3 a 9000 square foot building with owner financing in 2003 for $1,032,000.00.

Guildford School of Music and DanceWalnut Grove School of Music and Dance

It was originally a large one tenant building. We divided it into 2 units. Even though the space has less than perfect exposure we attract high paying tenants who want to locate next to our business. Because of the type of tenant we target, we have never had a vacancy in the 12 years we have owned it. The 2017 government tax assessment value was $2,845,000 and the mortgage was fully paid off after just 13 years of payments that were very similar to our previous monthly rent. Now instead of being an expense, this building generates us $140,000 per year in rental profit.

For our fourth property we bought land and built a 13,000 square foot multi-tenant building in 2010. This building has the Canadian Federal Government as the main tenant on the main floor and we occupy the second floor. We did a unique construction arrangement on this property that saved us over $200,000 off the cost of the building. We will tour this property during the workshop to discuss various construction techniques and how to save money on building improvements.

You will also see case studies and examples from dozens of properties I have helped clients buy and build like these:

South Carolina

I will explain how my client in North Carolina used unconventional financing to buy this medical office condo unit. He was just starting up in his own business so he had a lot of debts and loans. My client thought it would be a long shot to get financing at all. Now he owns this property and 2 other commercial properties.

IowaMy client in Iowa bought this strip mall in 2011 for $287,000 to move his business into. He sent me this email update in 2015:
The building is clearly ahead of where it was when we purchased; full tenancy, with solid leases, all tenants with thriving businesses.  We have created an additional 1200 sq. ft. of finished commercial space with the conversion of the basement, bringing the total finished space in the building up from 6000 to 7200 square feet.

I am currently advising him on the purchase of another property. I have several clients like him, who after buying a property for their own business work with me on a long term basis over several years to buy 3 or 4 properties and build a nice portfolio.

CaliforniaMy client bought this multi-tenant 10,000 square foot building in San Jose, California for 2.4 million. With just a few minor changes this building appraised for over 4 million dollars just 2 years later.


In this in depth day you will learn over 100 proven strategies, examples and case studies for buying and profiting from studio real estate including:

  • Creative down payments
  • How to get owner financing
  • How to buy with 10% down or less
  • The best places to find properties for sale – (MLS is NOT one of them)
  • How realtors can sabotage your success
  • How to instantly increase the value of a building you buy by spending little or no money
  • The best types of properties to buy for your studio that most people ignore or overlook.
  • How to find complimentary tenants that will help pay your mortgage and build your registration
  • The best ways to structure real estate partnerships
  • How to find investors for down payments
  • The biggest mistake that makes studio real estate a lot harder to sell when you retire

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 Previous Attendee Success Stories

Still not sure about registering? Here are some of the results and feedback from studio owners that have attended Superconference events in the last 16 years.

Vince & Eileen Spezialy
Anchorage Music & Dance Center

Anchorage, Alaska
Increased Studio Profit, Decreased Working Hours, Bought Real Estate

We’re Vince & Eileen Spezialy, from Anchorage Alaska. This is our story of how we transformed our music retail business into a music and dance school.

In 1994 we opened a music store so Vince could move his 60 music students a week out of the house. Our goal was to start a business that could create income for us beyond his hourly teaching rate.

By 2005, we had grown into a full-line music store that sold guitars, drum sets, pianos, supplies & books. We also had a rental program for band & orchestra instruments. In 2006, we decided we would make more money from music lessons if we paid teachers by the hour.

At this point Vince was no longer teaching a full schedule, but he was the substitute, and he taught group guitar classes. We were each working 60+ hours a week, open 7 days, 52 weeks a year, trying to keep up with our 13 year old business.

Retail sales were good, band/orchestra rentals were strong and music lessons were growing. But then things started to shift. By the end of 2007 we found ourselves directly competing with Costco, Sam’s Club and online sales, and we were losing. Our retail sales were down more than $76,000 from the previous year. That’s a big hit for a small business like ours. Would our rental instrument and lesson income be enough to cover our overhead, or were we in danger of losing everything?

We were running out of options. So when I found a postcard from Sam in the trash in April 2008, we registered for the Super Conference in Vancouver that July.

Sam had us at “Registration Fees”, and so it went for the next 2 days…so much useful information and many more, “Aha!” moments.

We went home with renewed energy and an appreciation for what our business still had to offer. We implemented some strategies right away. New communication systems, written agreements with our employees & how we answered the phone were just the beginning. As our lesson program grew we added registration fees, and raised our rates. As a result of that first Super Conference, our lesson income for 2008 increased by $58,703.

We decided to add dance after we attended the Mastermind Conference in February 2009. We didn’t know anything about running a dance studio; but we did have Sam, his strategies and the support of other members.

Overall, we have used 39 strategies to increase our enrollment from 202 music students to a high of 336 music students & 194 dance students for a total of 530 in the spring of 2015. Our average enrollment for the past 5 years is 440 students. We each work 20-30 hours a week on our business, instead of the 60+ hours a week each we worked in our old business.

Sam and his strategies have helped us grow and expand our business to levels we only dreamed of. In 2016 our business revenue was $504,920. That’s all from music and dance class tuition. That’s a big difference from the $188,140 we made from lessons in 2008.

But that’s not it! In July 2016 we purchased our building!

Sam’s real estate strategies helped us insure the stability of our studio business, as well as give us options for the future. Now we build equity each month in real estate, instead of just paying rent. We purchased the building directly from our landlord with 0 down and an option to refinance in 3 years. We never would have considered such a thing 4 years ago!

We continue to attend the Super Conference, Mastermind Conferences and Real Estate Seminars that Sam offers.

A major concept we’ve learned from Sam & Val is the idea of “business agility”. You can’t expect a magic, one-size fits all solution to grow your business. You need to educate yourself, be open to new ideas, and test those ideas to see what works for you and your market.

Laura Porter & David Hemann
Bloom School of Music and Dance

Los Angeles, California
Increased Studio Profit, Decreased Working Hours, Bought Real Estate

We joined Sam Beckford's Successful Studio Mastermind Program in 2008 and have never looked back. Our studio is in a very competitive market. Without Sam and the other folks in the Mastermind group we are certain that we would have left the business or be barely hanging on. Instead, our business continues to thrive, numbers increase at least 20% every single year (one year it was 40%) and we can work mostly from home, giving us precious time to raise our 2 boys.

In 2014 we were able to purchase the building that houses our business. If we can do this, anyone can. But of course we had all of the strategies and seminar concepts that we had learned over the years as well as the coaching from Sam and the program. The peace of mind we have now is indescribable. We are forever grateful to Sam and this program.

This is real folks. Everything we learned had already been tested and proven to work. There are concepts that will change your business overnight and other things that will change YOU as well as grow your business and give it longevity. You can live the life you want to live, less hours at the studio, more time for family, travel, hobbies--whatever makes you happy! Sam is a good and honest man who happens to be a brilliant businessman and communicator.

Jeff & Lori Roberts
Musical Arts

Bethleham, Pennsylvania
Increased Studio Profit, Decreased Working Hours, Bought Real Estate

This, is a love story...

In the winter of 2003, Jeff Roberts met Lori Donovan. Jeff was an out of work guitar player, fresh off a bad break up, with both his band and his woman. Lori was a recently divorced vocalist, who made ends meet as an executive at a non-profit arts organization. It was a match made in the heavenly lyrics of a blues tune.

One morning, Jeff offered to treat Lori to a $2.99 two-egg breakfast at his favorite local diner. As they enjoyed their meal, the gregarious Greek owner stuck out his hand to Jeff and said, “Are you that guitar player guy?” He was. “You teach some, right?” He did. “Follow me!” he insisted.

Billy Kounoupis pulled Jeff and Lori out the door of the diner and into the next door entrance of what appeared to be an old Verizon Wireless store, now an empty shell about 600 square feet in all. “Couldn’t you do that here?” he asked. Jeff laughed, citing his empty pockets and penchant for $2.99 breakfast in defense. But, Billy insisted. “I won’t let you fail.”

And, he didn’t. Within 3-months, Jeff and his father had constructed three small lesson rooms and a small retail space next to the diner. Jeff enlisted a fellow guitar teacher to join him and soon after a piano/vocal teacher. And for the next three years, it worked, in spite of negligible efforts.

Eventually, the business grew even larger, with Jeff taking over the second floor of the diner building, adding additional studio space and workshop rooms. But, he had a problem. Now he was committed. This was no longer just a method to supplement his guitar playing habit, this was a real business – and it was sink or swim time.

That’s when Sam’s postcard arrived, as if the couple had rubbed some musician-proof genie lamp. Although, they had to rack up their credit cards to do it, Lori & Jeff booked a trip to Florida. Day one of the seminar, Lori found herself nodding over and over again in agreement with Sam. Jeff on the other hand, shook his head repeatedly in fear. “We can’t do that!” he insisted. “We’ll lose half the students, maybe more!” But Sam was persuasive, and legions of fellow conference goers were persuasive. By the time the conference ended and the room cleared the second day, there were only two men standing – Jeff and Sam.

The Pennsylvania skeptic, as Sam has dubbed him, raised tuition rates, initiated an annual registration fee, and reduced the payout to teachers. Lori was hired as full-time managing director/webmistress/marketing guru. When they joined the program they had 79 students. By the end of their first 18 months in the program, they had tripled enrollment and opened a second location.

Jeff was now on a roll and had a master plan that included five locations total across Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Within another six months, he and Lori were shopping for real estate in a booming suburban corner of the community with nary a music studio in sight for 10 miles.

Frustrated with the outrageous lease prices, Jeff dug in to Sam’s DVDs on real estate investing. A major roadblock – in spite of the studios growing success, they were still living paycheck to paycheck. Buying a building did not seem remotely logical. That’s when Jeff met Judy. Judy owned a property at an ideal location that had been dormant for several years. A defunct welding supply business, it was little more than a concrete box. At first sight, Lori was less than enthused. But Jeff, always the visionary, saw something beyond chipped paint and cinder block.

Judy and Jeff negotiated for months, before he convinced her to hold the mortgage with a lease/purchase agreement, with no money down and 3-months to build out before opening. This may have been Jeff’s vision – but the project turned out to be a nightmare. Of the three locations he had constructed by hand, this one proved most difficult. It took twice the estimated time to complete AND was punctuated by a construction accident that almost left Jeff with a new blues moniker, “Blind Boy Roberts”.

They persevered and prepared to open several months past deadline. With just a few weeks to go before opening day, the unthinkable happened - the new studio was completely emptied overnight by thieves. When I say emptied… picture this: every construction tool, every nut, bolt and screw, every drum, every amp, every guitar cord, even the copper piping from the walls, was stripped from the building.

The entire community – from student and parents to friends and family rallied behind them and they managed to open just slightly short of the second deadline. But the losses were immeasurable. Insurance helped, but by this point Lori & Jeff were stretched to the brink – both monetarily and mentally. While Jeff worked construction non-stop, Lori spent 60 hours a week running two locations and marketing three. They were quite simply, spent.

With the new studio open, they made the difficult financial decision to hire office support for each location and cut Jeff’s teaching time down to one day a week. A concise Desk Staff Manual and Teacher Manual were created. A new virtual phone system was added. And, enrollment surpassed 350 in January 2012 – with expansion that includes a host of year-round group programs. In a few months, they will end the lease/purchase agreement by absorbing the mortgage, taking advantage in $200,000+ in equity added to the building.

Oh yes, and in the middle of all the construction, emergency room visits and grand openings, Jeff and Lori also tied the knot – on stage, in concert, at the east coast’s largest free music festival.

Jeff & Lori’s love story will have a happily ever after – with a well-deserved two-week honeymoon on the horizon – and no worries about who will answer the phones or enroll new students.

Thank you, Sam and Val, for the great wedding gift of time wealth. It sure beats a toaster oven.


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Workshop Location - Vancouver, Canada

workshop location

I built my home and a small conference center on a beautiful 3 acre waterfront property 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. I host my own business events there and occasionally let family and friends do weddings and parties. I call my facility Creators Landing. Accommodations are not included in the workshop fee, but we have a  corporate discount rate at a Holiday Inn 10 minutes from the conference center. The hotel is located next to one for our properties ( property #4 - the red 13,000 square foot building). There will be a shuttle that picks up and drops you off each day between the Holiday Inn and the conference center. The nearest airports to fly into are Vancouver International (YVR) and Abbotsford International (YXX) if flying on Westjet airlines within Canada. If you are attending from the US you will require a passport to travel to Canada.


 Q & A

The ideas we will discuss are universal. There may be some unique characteristics in certain areas of the country but the basic principles of getting students, keeping students running profitably and working less in your business can work anywhere.

We have teaching business owners in rural areas of Iowa and Montana that are successfully using the same ideas as our studio owner clients in Los Angeles, New York, Australia and Canada. If you think of McDonald's restaurants, you can find their system working in any area of the country. There may be some slight regional differences but our studio operational principles are universal.

$1497 would be expensive for a 2 day seminar if it was just a regular seminar. What you are really getting is the chance to learn and see our system for growing and operating a highly profitable business. You will get several things you can copy that can increase your studio profit much more than the seminar fee.

This information has been, and is constantly being used, field tested and refined by several of our members all across the country, so the ideas are proven to get results.

You can’t get all the information you will learn at our seminar anywhere else, and you certainly can’t get it for less than what you will pay to attend. If you want to take a few years, get a business degree, read hundreds of books, test out systems, hire consultants, stay in touch with hundreds of other studio owners to share new ideas with them, find another  self-made millionaire studio owner that has 3 locations making over $100,000 per year that will let you snoop around in them and tell you absolutely anything about how they work - then you may have a chance of duplicating what you will get from us. All that will take you longer than 2 days and cost a lot more than the seminar fee.

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. If we were going to franchise our business we would charge a $25,000 franchise fee, but the information we would give people would be pretty much the same. If you don’t agree that the $1497 is the best money you have ever spent on your business we will gladly refund every penny you paid.

Once we have confirmed that we are not working with a competing studio in your area and we can accept your registration we will provide you the exact hotel location and a code for our discount rate for attendees. You can book your hotel room directly with the host hotel. You are not required to stay in the host hotel, but the majority of our attendees find staying at the same location as the rest of the attendees to be valuable in terms of convenience and ability to network with other studio owners. A bus will also be picking attendees up from the recommended hotel and bring them to the meeting center. No self driving to the coaching center will be permitted.

I am not in the software business. I am in the business of running studios and providing business advice and business coaching for studio owners. I will tell you the 3 software programs we use at our studios and if you want to check them out and contact the companies you are free to do so.

The automatic payment software we recommend is now being used by over 400 studios that have attended our seminars so it has a great track record and I have no hesitation recommending it. If you are not collecting tuition automatically I strongly recommend checking out their software. I’ll tell you why we chose the web based systems we use, but you can make your own decision about what’s best for you. The business principles we will discuss work regardless of which software you decide to use. You do not have to use the same software we use to get results with our business ideas.

You can attend the first full day of our seminar and if you are not completely thrilled with the information you learn you can turn in the 300 pages of notes and samples and get a full 100% refund. We have made this total satisfaction guarantee since we started offering seminars. If we couldn’t deliver on what we promised we would have went broke with a guarantee like this.

Val and I are real people. We have been blessed because we have learned things that have given us extraordinary success. I plan on doing this for a long time and I never want someone to say that they had a bad experience at one of our seminars.

If you are thinking everything sounds “too good to be true” this guarantee is a way of knowing that attending this seminar is a good choice. This guarantee also keeps me on the hot seat to make sure that I’m always providing good valuable information to our attendees.

The Studio Mastermind program is an ongoing monthly coaching program you will get a chance to join at the end of the 2 day event. If you are a member you can keep your competitors blocked out from getting our information and get ongoing support, information and ideas from me and other members of our group. The program has 7 different parts to it and I will explain how it works at the end of the 2 day seminar.

It would be too pre-mature to get into all the details of the Mastermind program now. It would be like proposing marriage before even going on the first date! First you should decide if this seminar is for you.  You must make sure you are comfortable with all the information you learn during the 2 days before I will even discuss the next step of our Mastermind program.

We accept our registrations on a first come first served basis. If we were to confirm that an area is available but another studio submits a registration before you do, then the area may not be available, which causes disappointment and complaints. We have had 2 or 3 studios in the same area register with days of each other at previous seminars and we our policy is to accept the studio that registered first. Unfortunately we cannot “hold” areas for people to think about it for a while. If you are serious about attending please submit a registration and we will let you know if you are eligible to attend within 3 business days. Once we have confirmed that we are not working with a competing studio in your area and we can accept your registration we will provide you the exact hotel location and a code for our discount rate for attendees. You can book your hotel room directly with the host hotel. You are not required to stay in the host hotel, but the majority of our attendees find staying at the same location as the seminar to be valuable in terms of convenience and ability to network with other studio owners.

All of our seminars run from 9AM-5PM Friday and Saturday and lunch is included. Check-in and materials pick up is 7:45AM-9AM on Friday. We recommend that you don’t try to book your departing fight out on the same Saturday. We have had studio owners run to the airport at 4PM Saturday to catch a flight so they can avoid paying for one more night of hotel expenses and miss out on strategies that could have made them thousands of dollars. In our smaller format meetings the bus will have you arriving back at the hotel around 5:30pm. In the 14 years of running our events we usually finish right on time but we have never finished early. I promise you there is a lot more “stuff” than there is time to cover it. Planning to stay on Saturday night is also recommended because you will be able to meet and network with other studio owners from all over that will share ideas with you. The extra networking is well worth the expense of staying an extra night. If you are paying the seminar fee and travelling to attend you may as well make sure you get best total experience possible.

You can call me at 1-800-752-1219. I am very busy but if you are serious and have specific questions my assistant will get a message to me and I will call you back. This seminar may be a big step or even a “leap of faith” for you so I want to make sure you get all your questions answered.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied after the end of the first day of the Superconference seminar you can turn in your 290 page seminar binder, leave and receive a 100% refund.

Questions? Feel free to call us a 1-800-752-1219 with any questions you may have.

Seminar Fee $1497.00 for the Superconference. If you would like to add the Real Estate Workshop it is an additional $400 for a total of $1997.

For this fee you can take one additional person with you at no charge as long as they are not from a different commercially operating studio from your own. Eligible second attendees are spouses, family members or business partners from your own studio.

2 Extra Bonus Coaching Calls. You will receive access to 2 live studio business group conference calls with Sam Beckford in April and June. On these calls you will get business information and strategies that you can start using immediately. On these calls you can ask Sam any studio business questions you like.


If you are not ready or are unable to register for one of this years events but would like to receive information on next years events once they become available please click here and join our mailing list.

Studio Eligibility To Attend

Unfortunately our seminar and advice is not an open invitation to every studio. In certain areas of North America we have been retained as studio business consultants on an exclusive basis. If we are already working with a studio on an exclusive basis in your area, we will not be able to work with your studio. I appreciate your understanding and respecting our policy.

I am covered by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If I am not completely satisfied at the end of the first day I can turn in the 290 page seminar workbook, leave and receive a 100% refund.

$1497 for the Superconference - pay in full today (+ GST/HST if in Canada)
$1997 for the Superconference and include the Real Estate Workshop - pay in full today (+ GST/HST if in Canada)
3 monthly payments of $532.33 for the Superconference - total of $1597 (+ GST/HST if in Canada)
3 monthly payments of $699.00 for the Superconference & Real Estate Seminar - total of $2097 (+ GST/HST if in Canada)

I would like to register for 2019 seminar held on:
Vancouver July 11 & 12, 2019 (Superconference)
Vancouver July 11, 12 & 13, 2019 (Superconference + Real Estate Workshop)

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You can take 1 additional person at no extra charge as long as they are not from another commercially operating studio.

Second Attendee First Name
Second Attendee Last Name

Yes Blockout competitors Block out my 4 most annoying and threatening competitors from attending the 2018 Superconference. Please also block them off your mailing list until I attend the 2 day seminar. If I apply to join the Mastermind group at the 2018 seminar and my application is approved, please block out these competitors for as long as I am a member.
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Non Disclosure Agreement
I hereby agree that the material and information I will receive from Successful Studio Strategies are for my own personal and studio use. I agree that I will not share any seminar materials, or concepts discussed at seminars with any studio that is not a seminar attendee regardless of where they are located. I understand that violating this agreement will result in being disqualified from any future seminars and will result in immediate termination of any membership privileges.


We will not charge your credit card until we have processed your registration, confirmed that you are not blocked out and are able to attend. We will email you within 5 business days to let you know about your status.
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